Annual Tune-Ups

Keep your heating system running reliably, efficiently, and safely with an annual tune-up from one of our expert technicians. A boiler or furnace that is tuned and maintained properly can help you save up to 10% per year on energy costs and can extend the life of your heating system. Our annual tune-up is for all types of oil and propane equipment.

Equipment Installations

Upgrading your current boiler or furnace to a new, highly-efficient heating system can save you between 30% and 40% per year on fuel usage. Our fully-licensed technicians are experienced in installing all types of energy-efficient oil and propane heating equipment. Contact us today for more information on how an installation of a new system in your home can help you save, and take advantage of a FREE estimate provided by one of our home comfort specialists.

Service Plans

Our service plans include important maintenance items and processes for your heating equipment that will help you save on heating bills, conserve energy, and improve your home comfort. Our coverage options are designed to provide you with the best value for a competitive price! Service plans are available for oil and propane boilers, furnaces, and hot water heaters.

The TankSure® Program

Our technicians evaluate the safety and integrity of your aboveground heating oil tank using an EPA approved ultrasonic tank test. Using the TankSure® Program’s testing technology, our technicians detect the level of corrosion inside your oil tank and predict the likelihood of your tank needing replacement in the near future.

Benefits of the TankSure® Program include the following:

•  Qualifying tanks receive a $1,500 tank replacement payment to help cover the cost of a replacement.

•  Using EPA-approved testing technology, ultrasonic equipment detects the level of corrosion inside oil tanks.

•  This service helps protect your home. Proactive replacement can help avoid costly remediation expenses.

•  Included is an inspection of common tank components such as legs, seams, fill and vent pipes, oil lines, and vent whistle.

•  For aboveground non-qualifying tanks, we will give you a $250 replacement credit to upgrade your oil tank.

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