The most versatile fuel available. Propane can run your heating system, hot water heater, stove, clothes dryer, fireplace, outdoor appliances, pool and more. This multifaceted fuel is efficient and environmentally friendly in addition to giving the consumer independence with your fuel being onsite and ability for many appliances to run without an electrical power source.

OIL (#2):

The Northeast is the largest regional consumer of heating oil, with good reason. Heating oil burns hotter than other fuel sources in well maintained and newer efficient units so it not only heats the space in half the time but it will burn less fuel doing so.  In addition, oil boilers & furnaces have a long-life span. Provencher purchases the highest quality pre-treated oil so you are receiving the finest product available direct from our suppliers.


Convenient automatic delivery is available for both heating oil & propane. Avoid the hassle of having to monitor your fuel levels and enjoy the peace of mind that your fuel supply is in great hands. Our delivery schedules are customized to meet each properties’ or business’ specific usage needs so you have the amount you need when it’s needed. Provencher has the experience and software to manage your fuel needs. We do ask that you partner with us and let us know if your usage has or will see a major change. Some examples might be winterizing a seasonal property, turning on a pool heater or extended use of a fireplace.


Will-call delivery customers must monitor there fuel levels and call in a request for a fuel delivery when they are in need. When estimating the need for a fill the customer must take multiple variables into account some of the variables include weekends, holidays, fuel consumption, current weather and future temperature changes. Please call Provencher with plenty of notice, this allows us to add the delivery to our existing schedule and accommodate the request in the most efficient manner. We encourage customers whom use the will-call method to keep a close eye on fuel so they can avoid additional fees for emergency delivery service.

Propane Truck