Fuel Purchasing

Automatic Delivery

With automatic delivery, we use a technology that predicts your home’s fuel consumption patterns and deliver your fuel as you need it, preventing you from having to always go down to the basement to check fuel levels. This service is available to all oil, propane, and kerosene customers. Contact our office today to learn more and to sign up.

Budget Plans

Add predictability to your fuel costs by signing up for our monthly Budget Plan payment option. This convenient option allows you to spread your heating costs evenly throughout the year resulting in lower, more manageable payments.

Pre-Buy Plans

Our Pre-Buy payment option is ideal for customers who wish to pay for their fuel upfront, before the heating season begins. This plan allows you to purchase the number of gallons of fuel you anticipate using throughout the heating season at a low, pre-season rate. If the market price of oil increases during the season, your price will not be affected. Plan ahead with this option and enjoy peace of mind next winter!

Prompt Pay Discounts

We like to thank and reward our customers who pay their bills on time each month by providing our Prompt Pay Discount. Please contact our office for details and to find out what our current discount is. The prompt pay discount applies only to oil.

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